Kings Cross Hotel History.



ONCE UPON A TIME… With its monumental Colonial brick façade, the Kings Cross Hotel is an unmissable sight, towering six storeys above the Ground Zero of the Kings Cross nightlife precinct - the four-way cross intersection of Darlinghurst Road, Bayswater Road, William Street and Victoria Street. A Century of Community. The rich and colourful history of our hotel begins many decades before the hypnotising neon lights of the equal parts infamous and beloved Coca Cola billboard lured party-goers by the thousands every weekend to the Cross.


Sometime around 1915 (no exact records appear to exist), the Victoria Hotel, a Kings Cross pub which stood on the William Street site since the 1880s, was demolished and replaced with a brand new watering hole. The freestanding Federation building was named the Kings Cross Hotel and would become an integral part of the community for the next 100 years.





Source credit Darlo Darlings 2011.