Dear Guests,


Your safety is our top priority at KXH and we want to make sure you have the best, most safe time possible when you visit us. Follow the below to optimise maximum fun safely!

1. Book your table - We take bookings of 4-10 people and walk ins for 1 - 3. Get in early and guarantee your spot.
2. Make sure you sign in when you arrive, and respect other guests space by socially distancing at all times.
3. Order from the table! Our venue has Me&u contactless ordering, use your phone to place the order, and we’ll do the rest.
4. Please keep seated when knocking back your tasty beverage.

You may notice our staff in masks next time you visit, it’s for both you and our staff’s safety. Also, there’ll be someone around dressed differently to the rest of us, their only job is to make our place as clean and safe as possible! We sanitise all our tables and chairs after every use, our regularly used stuff is cleaned & sanitised every two hours and we love good hand hygiene so you'll notice there is free hand sanitiser throughout the venue.


For more info on what we are doing as a business to ensure your safety please see here.


We encourage anyone in the community feeling unwell to stay home, stay safe and call the COVID Hotline 1800 022 222.


Stay safe,


KXH Management