KXT was established by bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company in late 2015 as part of a plan to help support and grow the arts community in Sydney. bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company has been producing, identifying, engaging, and investing in independent theatre, diverse works as well as new and emerging artists since 2008.


Located Level 2, we are proud to be providing a space for the theatre to provide opportunities for emerging and established artists, particularly those from culturally diverse backgrounds.

bAKEHOUSE strive to contribute to the diversity, vibrancy and sustainability of Sydney’s rich cultural and artistic communities.

May 26 – 05 June

The Linden Solution by Alexander Lee-Rekers

Part seminar, part confession: The Linden Solution tells the true story of civil servant Hannah, who saw her beloved home town dying of stagnation and drought, boomer corruption and millennial apathy. Realising she had a unique position of power to influence local government, Hannah conspired to cure her society's ills with a "political hair-of-the-dog": eighteen months of neo-fascism. What happened next made headlines around the world.


Presented by  Ratcatch Theatre
Director Camilla Turnbull with Mason Phoumirath; Laura Djanegara, Patrick Cullen, Lib Campbell

June 09-19

Hot Mess by the General Public

A comedy set inside a public bathroom? You gotta be sh*tting me...
Over the course of a drunken night out, old friends and strangers come together in the most sacred of spaces – the public bathroom – to bare all (both figuratively and literally). HOT MESS cracks open the cubicle door to reveal stories of late-night shenanigans and surprising solidarity in the fleeting friendships that are forged behind usually closed doors.

Presented by the General Public

Directed by Tasha O’Brien Performed by Alicia Dulnuan-Demou, Courtney Ammenhauser, Hannah Grace Fulton, Jenna Suffern, Jessica Adie and Mây Trần

July 02 - 17

Breathing Corpses by Laura Wade

Across the city, three people are connected by gruesome discovery - even if they don’t know it. Amy, a hotel cleaner, discovers her second dead body on the job. Jim spirals into a post-traumatic depression after discovering a dismembered body in one of the storage units he hires out. Kate lashes out violently at her boyfriend and his dog after stumbling across a body on her morning walk.

Presented by Eye Contact Theatre
Director Jess Davis with Xavier Coy, Martelle Hammer, Mark Langham, Brooke Lee, Joshua Shediak, Simon Thomson, Emma Wright