Kings Cross Theatre.


Permanently residing on the 2nd floor of Kings Cross Hotel, Kings Cross Theatre offers a unique space for independent theatre productions and companies. KXT plays a significant role in the culture and live entertainment scene in The Cross and beyond. 


Operated by Bakehouse Theatre Company since 2015, you'll find a diverse range of groundbreaking, award winning shows and performances, merging talent and thought provoking content year round. 






17 - 20 Nov

Tall Poppy, A New Australian Musical

Presented by Blond Moment Theatre


From the dust and heat of rural Australia to the glitz & glamour of the roaring ‘20s, this fish out of water story fuses together the past and the contemporary in a hilarious, tough-as-nails tale of an unknown real-life heroine. In concert

Cast: Skye Beker; Madeleine Jones; Grace Driscoll; Matthew Predny

24 Nov - 04 Dec

Three Fat Virgins Unassembled by Ovidia Yu

Presented by Slanted Theatre with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Co


Set in Singapore in the 90s, 3 Fat Virgins Unassembled is a blistering satire about women in impossible situations, judged by equally impossible standards. Slanted Theatre poses the questions: have things changed for women after 30 years? Are our struggles the same? Do the women of today have a different story to tell? A part of the KXT StoryLines program.


Director Tiffany Wong with Denise Chan, Sabrina Chan D’Angelo, Happy Feraren & Caroline George

08 - 11 Dec

Natives by Glenn Waldron

Presented by Emily Buxton


Long blurb: Three different teenagers. Three different parts of the world. One life altering day. When there's no adults around to guide them, this generation only has themselves and the internet left. Natives by Glenn Waldron is a rallying cry for the generation growing up completely online and leading the charge in the new Digital Age. These are the Natives. 

Director Charlie Vaux, with Fraser Crane, Sophie Strykowski, Ali Samaei

14 - 18 Dec

POLLON devised and performed by Eliza Scott

Presented by Little Eggs Collective


Pollon is an interdisciplinary piece that explores resilience, memory and how we interpret our surroundings. Formulated with music, anecdotes and interviews with people who have experienced dementia and/or Alzheimer’s, pollon is a work that uses pre-recorded audio; including dialogue, songs, instructions to connect participants to the memories we may have left behind. This work investigates the lost ritual of memory. If our realities are being split into keepsakes, how do we continue to associate ourselves with who we are?