Kings Cross Theatre.


Permanently residing on the 2nd floor of Kings Cross Hotel, Kings Cross Theatre offers a unique space for independent theatre productions and companies. KXT plays a significant role in the culture and live entertainment scene in The Cross and beyond. 


Operated by Bakehouse Theatre Company since 2015, you'll find a diverse range of groundbreaking, award winning shows and performances, merging talent and thought provoking content year round. 






6 - 21 March


This modern adaption by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins of the morality play Everyman, follows Everybody - chosen from the cast by lottery at each performance - as they make their way to a final reckoning, in an attempt to demonstrate that their life, Everybody’s life, has meaning.

25 March - 4 April

Two Twenty Somethings

“Two Twenty Somethings” is a new Australian comedy about a generation who feel entitled to happiness. It is a probing look into a society where the expectations of the perfect life have outmatched the realities of growing up.